Robert Pattinson Channels James Dean In Sexy Shoot For ‘GQ’: Pictures

Robert Pattinson channels Hollywood icon James Dean for GQ ‘s April issue, in his hottest shoot to date.

The Twlight heartthrob shows off his trademark smouldering good looks in four different shots, one which seas the actor puffing on a cigarette.

Rob – who has previously expressed his admiration for the fifties legend – bares a striking resemblance to Dean in stylish black and white photographs.

Here are a few snippets from his interview:

On his rumoured girlfriend:

“There’s literally not a single [true] story that could be written about me. I never do anything. There’s this thing about my supposed girlfriend. There’s this one girl who’s consistently mentioned. It’s like, ‘He’s dating this Brazilian model.’ What’s her name—-Annelyse. I’ve never met her.”

On being romantically linked to Camilla Belle, who is dating Joe Jonas:

“That’s the funniest [rumor]. No. I mean, yeah, yeah, I’m friends with Camilla… It’s funny, though, because I met her at her place the other day, and there’s a security gate, and even the security woman—I guess she knows that Camilla lives there, and she was like, ‘Oooh!’ …I mean, Camilla’s the nicest—she’s a saint. And it’s funny that she’s being portrayed as this home wrecker. She’s literally the most unlikely person to be a home wrecker. It’s just ridiculous.”

On his new film, Little Ashes, in which he plays a young Salvador Dali:

“I thought I’d never get another acting job again. So I was like, ‘Yeah—why not try to do something weird?’ There’s all these gay sex scenes. And y’know, I haven’t even done a sex scene with a girl, in my whole career… And here I am, with Javier [Beltrán], who plays Lorca, doing an extremely hard-core sex scene, where I have a nervous breakdown afterward. And because we’re both straight, what we were doing seemed kind of ridiculous.”

Rob also joked during the interview: “Okay, (deep breath) I f—ed Joe Jonas. I love him.”