Robert Kardashian is Still Behaving Like a Hormonal Teenage Girl

Robert Kardashian, younger brother of Kim Kardashian, continues on a downward spiral of weirdness following the strange wedding incident recently. Rob actually skipped Kim’s big wedding, flying back from Paris and not attending the ceremony in Florence. Rumors swirled that it was regarding a weight issue that may have included a fight with his famous sister – Rob hadn’t been seen in public prior to the wedding event for quite some time and he appears to have gained quite a bit of weight which seems to have shaken his confidence.

Rob looked visibly upset when he arrived back in Los Angeles after the incident and now he’s used his twitter account to send another strong message. He deleted all of the people he’s following except for his mother, Kris Jenner, and sister Kylie. He also deleted everything he’s ever posted to his account up until recently.

According to reports, Rob has been hitting the gym hard in a bid to win back his body and is using trainer Gunnar Peterson, who commented on how Rob is progressing:

”He’s such a good guy. Rob was a solid basketball player, a serious runner and he’s a serious athlete. It’s when life gets in the way, that’s what makes it hard to get to the gym. Here’s a guy fighting paparazzi getting in and out of the gym. This guy is fighting through human walls to get to the gym. A lot of people have blown off workouts with a lot less obstacles. There’s no doubt in my mind … with 26 years of training experience of doing this, I can tell you without hesitation that Rob Kardashian will get back to his best shape ever. There’s not one doubt in my mind.”

Unless Rob stuffs himself with a handful burgers after each workout? Yeah, Gunnar doesn’t sound as convinced as he tries to make out. On one hand, maybe Rob is the most normal of  the Kardashians, realizing what a strange existence they lead and rebelling against how awful it is. But who knows if he’s actually smart enough to have these deep thoughts. He might just be sad no one gives him the kind of attention his sisters get – it must be somewhat emasculating to be the background Kardashian. But he still has his socks.