Robert Downey Jr. Turned Down Heather Graham

Robert Downey Jr. missed out on the chance to date for real after they starred as onscreen lovers, because he felt so awkward during sex scenes, he missed the chemistry between them.

The pair had to get naked and perform sex acts on each other in the 1998 film Two Girls and a Guy – which Downey Jr found embarrassing.

He was later shocked to discover Graham wanted to take their relationship further.

He says: “We’re doing this scene, and she’s basically masturbating me, and I’m giving her oral sex for the better part of two or three hours. Here’s what I thought: ‘I’m really hot and bothered. I hope she’s not uncomfortable. Oh well, the days over.’

“And then I ran into her a year later, and she was like, ‘Why didn’t you just call me?’ It was like a Woody Allen moment.

Despite the missed opportunity – Downey Jr. insists he’s glad nothing happened: “It was fantastic, but to tell you the truth, I am more likely to want to work with Heather Graham now I am happily married, than if she and I had gone and done something seedy.”

The actor recently admitted that all movie stars get down and dirty with each other.

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