Robbie Williams Says He’s “49 Per Cent Homosexual”


Robbie Williams has worked out, to the exact percentage, how gay he is. The former ‘Take That’ singer believes he’s 49% gay – his reasoning being that he is attracted to similar things that gay people generally like – the clichéd stuff like musicals and other things that are linked to homosexual people regularly (his words!). He believes the only thing that doesn’t make him gay is that he doesn’t enjoy gay sex:

”I would really like to have a crack at it. I love musical theatre and a lot of the other things that are often associated with gays. I am 49 per cent homosexual and sometimes as far as 50 per cent. However, that would imply that I enjoy having a particular sort of fun, which I don’t.”

Robbie is interested in seeing his life turned in to a musical some day but jokes that he doesn’t know what Hollywood actor would be able to take on the part:

”I don’t know who they could get to play me in the musical, so it would have to be me. If anyone has ideas I am up for writing new songs. But when I say anyone, I actually mean directors of massive films.”

The singer also admits that he recently dyed over his grey hairs but he isn’t a huge fan of the look:

”My wife said it would look good on me but now it’s gone from being grey, striking, interesting and windswept to a little bit turdy.”