Robbie Williams Admits He Still Has Drug Urges After Taking Heroin

Robbie Williams has revealed more details about his troubled adulthood, claiming he once tried heroin while at the height of his drug addiction.

The ‘Candy’ singer famously quit Take That in 1995 after his drug addiction spiralled out of control. After several stints in rehab, Robbie has managed to tackle his addiction problems but says that he still has the urge to return to his wild lifestyle.

“Everything I like is addictive, destructive, or corrosive. Addiction to danger is no stranger to me, it’s fashion,” Robbie admitted to The Sun.

“There’s always going to be a part of me that wants to exist in a psychedelic realm. I only did heroin once and never got addicted but there is still a lot of me that is mad for all that.”

The 38-year-old has always been open about his substance abuse and despite his urges, says he will never do cocaine due to past experiences which include seizure-like episodes and even almost going into cardiac arrest.

“I can’t do coke as my body convulses and it’s not pretty. My arm goes numb and my heart is about to give in,” the singer admitted.

Robbie is in a happier place at the moment, enjoying life as a family man and becoming a first time parent to daughter Theodra “Teddy”.

However, Robbie’s demons almost came back to haunt him when he found out that his model wife Ayda was pregnant, revealing that he almost walked out on the family as he feared becoming a father.

“When Ayda was first pregnant we’d have a week of me saying, ‘I didn’t want this. You f***ing wanted this.’ But that was just being scared,” Robbie said.

“There have been times when I’ve wanted to run off. I will admit that. I start to think, ‘I’m not old enough for this and I’m still a kid myself’ but I work it out.”

Robbie may have quit his addictions but he is still as honest as ever, recently admitting that he fears he’ll cheat on his wife if he begins drinking again.

“It’s a hundred times easier when you don’t drink, and I don’t drink. If I drank, we’d literally be f*****. If I drank, I could not keep it in my trousers at all,” Robbie told Shortlist magazine.

Robbie is gearing up for the release of his new album Take The Crown, which is expected to top the charts on Sunday after reaching number one in the midweek charts.

Listen to his new single ‘Candy’ below…

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