Rob Kardashian Talks About ‘Emotional’ Fight With Lamar Odom

While Rob Kardashian was Mr Twinkle Toes on Dancing With The Stars, we saw him getting in great shape week on week, what we didn’t see was his upset after falling out with sister Khloe’s husband Lamar Odom.

The pair have grown close ever since the Dallas Mavericks player married Khloe in 2009, and Rob even lived with the couple but it was his moving out that caused a rift – so much so Lamar was seen on the verge of tears.

Promoting the upcoming season of Khloe & Lamar, Rob told E! Online what happened: “Lamar is an emotional guy and so am I. We’re guys. We kind of don’t deal with things as girls would and, you know, him and I, we hang out all the time. So for me, just moving out of the house kind of abruptly and doing Dancing With the Stars and being busy doing my own thing, I feel like we grew apart.”

But don’t you worry, the guys are back on track – with Rob even spending a lot of time in Dallas where Khloe and Lamar are now based.

“I kind of come and go,” he said. “I’m there for [filming] the show, but then I come back here because I do have my place. I want to kind of live both lives.”

He also added: “We’re all good now.”

Khloe also revealed that it was tough to have family drama that involved Lamar.

“Lamar doesn’t have a lot of family,” she said.

“My family loves Lamar, and he is obsessed with them. And Rob has no brothers, so their bond was something special. Our father passed away a long time ago, so Lamar took a role of trying to help Rob be more of a man like Lamar wished someone would have done for him. So they have a different bond.”