Rita Ora Felt That Her First Relationship Was Like “Child Abuse”

The singer and ‘X Factor UK’ judge says that she felt very vulnerable in her first relationship and there was a big age gap, so she felt she was taken advantage of. Rita even compares the relationship to “child abuse”. She candidly shared:

“I was 14 when I had my first relationship with a guy. I would say (he was) about 26, and you have to remember I hadn’t had a relationship before then at all. I was very new to the whole world of a man and a female. … It’s child abuse really, isn’t it?”

Rita says that at the time, being in a relationship with an older man made her feel good. She enjoyed that a man was interested in her and didn’t realise that he was only being kind because he wanted to have sex:

“I can’t begin to tell you how confident I felt when a man was interested in me. I felt like I was sexy, I felt like I had a form of respect, I felt like he listened to me. Now I know he listened to me because he obviously wanted to have sex with me. I felt good that men fancied me.”

The singer’s youth was not easy as she fled Kosovo with her sister and parents, revealing that she was first put into care because she was a refugee and she is thankful for all her parents did:

“We were sent straight to the children’s home, me and my sister, because my mom and dad were refugees and so were we. I never realized how much they had to sacrifice. I think my parents are the strongest people I’ve ever known. They made a life all over again, from scratch.”