Rihanna Tells Strangers To Wear A Condom

Rihanna Tells Strangers To Wear A Condom

Photo: WENN

Rihanna may have been out to celebrate her brother’s birthday at Whisky Mist in London this weekend (November 13) but the thoughtful star decided to dish out some sex education to some strangers while she was there.

The ‘We Found Love’ singer partied with her brother Rorrey for his 22nd birthday, when she decided that she needed to pick up the mic and this time it wasn’t to belt out some tracks but to advise partygoers on safe sex, reports The Sun.

Addressing the crowd, the 23-year-old said: “I left home at 16 and had to learn to look after myself. Always use a condom.”

As previously reported, Rihanna decided to ignore advice from doctors to tone down her lifestyle so that she could attend the birthday party and also celebrate her latest track, which is a collaboration with Calvin Harris, hitting the no.1 spot again on the singles chart.

In the early hours of the morning, RiRi tweeted: “What a night!!!!!! Felt like it was MY bday! Its not even my birthday, but he wanna lick the icing off…he want dat CAKE!!!!”

Well Rihanna, we appreciate the advice!

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