Rihanna Slams Miley Cyrus’ ‘Basic’ Twerking Moves In ‘Pour It Up’ Video Teaser? (WATCH)

Rihanna looks set to cause a stir in more ways than one with the upcoming music video for her new single ‘Pour It Up,’ with a teaser clip showing a group of strippers showing off their advanced twerking skills which includes even booty-popping in water, something which the singer notably points out in what can be perceived as a jab at self-professed queen of twerking Miley Cyrus.

The visuals for the strip club anthem is already shaping up to be the ‘Diamonds’ singer’s naughtiest yet with the preview clip showing strippers seductively sliding up and down poles while shaking their derrieres, scantily-clad in an array of bejewelled bikini sets while the songstress also gets her turn at climbing the pole.


Rihanna in the making of the ‘Pour It Up’ music video (Rihanna/Instagram)

Clearly in awe at their pole dancing skills, Rihanna can be seen throughout the three-minute clip staring at the strippers as they shoot their scenes, and as if their talent doesn’t speak volumes enough, RiRi pointed it out to the camera saying: “I bet you’ve never seen b***hes twerk on water? My b***hes twerk on water. No basic zone. No basics!”

RiRi’s comments could easily be perceived as a dig at ‘queen of twerking’ Miley Cyrus who is usually seen performing the move on stage or at any given moment and received backlash when she performed an x-rated version of the dance during her VMAs performance in August.


RiRi’s tries her hand at stripping (Rihanna/Instagram)

Meanwhile, the teaser clip sees Rihanna introduce the dancers that are set to feature in the video, to the camera, saying of Nicole “The Pole” Williams: “This beast right here on the pole is amazing, just f**king killed it.

“And now Candace is going to get a turn and do some sexy s**t.”


Miley Cyrus is the self-professed queen of twerk (WENN)

“Then we have Secret Moneii – her a*s right there has got its own life,” she added.

‘Pour It Up’ is the latest single to be released from Rihanna’s current album ‘Unapologetic’ and the music video is expected to premiere in the coming weeks.