Rihanna, Madonna And More Get Their Face In Pizza!

As a celebrity, you probably get a lot of pizza offers but probably not many like this… Stars such as Rihanna, Madonna, Jimi Hendrix and Bob Marley have been immortalised in pizza toppings.

Jazz star Jamie Cullum and PizzaExpress have teamed up to recreate some of the stars’ most famous album covers.

Made from cheese, tomato, herbs, the limited edition pizza-pies include, ob Marley’s Legend, Madonna’s True Blue, Rihanna’s Loud, Jimi Hendrix’s Kiss the Sky and Jeff Buckley’s Grace.

The music manager at PizzaExpress, Rose Dines said: “Live music has been at the heart of PizzaExpress for over 40 years and we feel that celebrating iconic albums is the perfect way to celebrate our search for new musical talent.”