Rihanna Is A ‘Regular, Ordinary Girl’

Despite her over the top outfits and risqué videos, Rihanna is a “regular, ordinary girl” according to Tinie Tempah.

Talking to Rap-Up TV about meeting the Bajan beauty, Brit rapper Tinie Tempah admitted that he was surprised at how normal Riahnna was when they toured together last year.

The rapper, who is our FIT FRIDAY this week, said: “I didn’t know what to expect with Rihanna – you think, you’re supporting a megastar, she’s not gonna know you, she’s not gonna care, but it was actually the opposite.

“It’s nice to see somebody, behind the glitz and glamour and the flashing lights, is just a regular ordinary girl.”

Tinie also revealed that Rihanna manages to stay calm and collected when she’s out partying. (not something a lot of celebs can do, surely!)

He added: “I know she likes to party, but she really remained civil and demure and I like that. We definitely have high expectations of who you are and how you are and she definitely lived up to that.

“A little glass of champagne here and there.”