Rihanna Fantasises About A Naked Cheryl Cole Cleaning The Floor

So, the whole ‘Rihanna and Cheryl Cole banter-fest’ has pretty much taken over this week – yes, we know you both love each other! However, Rihanna has now taken things to a whole new level by saying that she would love to see the ‘Call My Name’ singer ‘bend over’ and ‘clean things on the floor’.


In an interview with Esquire magazine, the Bajan beauty said: “I would just like to watch her work… Anything. Preferably cleaning things on the floor. Picking up stuff on the floor. Anything. Bending over.”

“She’s hot! I mean, literally… she’s so beautiful.”

Asked if Cheryl would be wearing anything, she added: “Oh, as if!”

So, basically…Rihanna wants to see Cheryl Cole cleaning a floor, naked?! Too far??

And Cheryl isn’t the only Brit that Rihanna has taken to, as she also praised Adele for her ‘honest outlook’ on life…

She added: “I think some artists can’t help but say exactly how they feel.”

“She’s another woman who knows her truth and lives that. She’s not in it for anyone but herself.”

“I want her. Adele, come on!”

Who doesn’t love a bit of Adele?

Meanwhile, linking in to the above ‘naked Cheryl’ comments, the ‘Umbrella’ superstar has also revealed that she doesn’t find the constant criticism about her behaviour “fun” and so chooses not to listen to anyone.

Hmmm, surely you’re asking for a bit of a response though Rihanna?!