Rihanna Fans Protest Chris Brown Reunion With Online Petition

Rihanna fans have launched an online petition urging her not to get back with boyfriend Chris Brown. 

The “Don’t Do It Rihanna!” petition pleads with the Umbrella star not to give her boyfriend a second chance after his alleged attack on her, and after reports claimed she is refusing to press charges against him.

Visitors to dontdoitrihanna.com are asked: “Sign the petition to keep Rihanna away from Chris Brown.”

Those that take part sign under the statement: “We the undersigned feel that Chris Brown should not be given another chance, and that Rihanna should move on from this relationship.”

Most of the comments posted by fans show how strong they feel about Rihanna forgiving Chris: “You can have any guy you want why this assclown?”

Another says: “Rihanna, you are supposed to be a role model. Would you tell your fans to do this?”