Rihanna Doesn’t Want to be a Part of the Taylor Swift Squad

Rihanna doesn’t exactly fit in with the Taylor Swift girl squad – the wholesomeness of sitting around baking, crafting and going on girly road trips doesn’t seem to fit in with her bad girl image. So naturally, when asked if she’d like to join the Tay Swift girl gang (which includes model Karlie Kloss, actress Jaime King and so many other celebs already), Rihanna was quick to shoot the idea down:

“I don’t think I would. I just don’t think it makes sense. “I don’t think our brands are the same; I don’t think they match. I don’t think our audiences are the same. In my mind she’s a role model, I’m not.”

Addressing her missing album, Rihanna says it’s just not done yet and she needs to put in more time in the studio before she would consider it closer to completion:

“It’s not done! To me it’s never done until it’s done. We just have to wait to get back in the studio together. His schedule and mine are totally opposite right now, but I think this month we’ll be back in the studio. I have so many songs I love – and they’re so different – that it’s hard to actually put them all on the same album.”

She loves her fans and can’t wait to release more music because everyone is anticipating it:

“No matter what I post online, within three comments there’s somebody saying, ‘Where is R8?’ I could post anything. Nothing else matters. They don’t care about anything but that. But it makes me excited, because I can’t wait to give them something great.”