Rihanna and Drake’s ‘Shy’ Flirting During Grinding Performance Hints Romance Is Back On

Rihanna and Drake have been keeping everyone guessing about their on/off romance ever since they began hooking up five years ago but it seemed to hit a steamy climax this week when they began grinding on stage at his concert in Paris this week and according to our body language expert, there were obvious signs that they’re secretly a couple!

The pair have been spotted frequently hanging out together in recent weeks prompting speculation that their short-lived romance dating back to 2009 is back on and the rumours were fuelled even more when Rihanna jetted over to Paris this week to spend even more time with the Young Money rapper.

As if that wasn’t enough, footage surfaced of RiRi joining Drake on stage at the Palais Omnisports de Paris-Bercy this week for an impromptu performance of their 2011 hit ‘Take Care’ and it wasn’t long before things got a little steamy with the songstress sidling up to the rapper and grinding in his lap.

But what does our body language expert think about their raunchy display? Judi James told EntertainmentWise if it means RiRi and Drake are back on…

“Does grinding like this really signal any form of genuine sexual shenanigans any more? I doubt it. Who didn’t grind with their boss at the office party this year or with their granddad at his Ruby wedding bash?” Judi told us.

“Like twerking it’s become a pretty meaningless pseudo-sexual ritual performed in public like this. The fans are clearly screaming for any hint of action from the pair but the fans used to do the same for Torville and Dean many decades ago and look where that got them!”

Analysing the footage more closely, Judi continues: “What really counts for me in this footage is the pre-grind stuff that is going on. The duo look very cute and almost childlike on stage together and there’s an adorable lack of choreography at the start, as though they really do make one another shy by their presence.

“Forget the grinding then, if you’re looking for clues of a relationship the slightly giggly, almost clumsy meandering at the start of the routine would hint more strongly than the crowd-pleasing display at the end.”