Rift In Duchess Of Cambridge’s Family, Denied By Uncle Gary After Carole Middleton Was Slammed As A ‘Snob’

The Duchess of Cambridge’s uncle Gary Goldsmith has denied his sister Carole Middleton, the mother-in-law of Prince William, has cut him out since Kate married into the royal family.

Carole’s god-daughter did an interview with the Daily Mail this weekend, claiming that the Middleton’s had shunned their family since their daughter became a duchess, however Gary has defended his sister, saying it wasn’t true.

“I love my family very much and I have to question Joanne’s motivation for doing this piece,” he told the MailOnline, following the claims.

Last year Gary, told the same paper that he’s much closer to the Middletons than people think: “People like to think that I’m this black sheep, a bad boy. I’m not really. I’ve had my moments – I’m not totally innocent – but am I disliked by my family?”

Carole has been attacked by her family over ‘snobbish’ behaviour (WENN)

“No, that is simply not true. I’ve got a good heart and I care about people. We have never fallen out.”

Recalling his expose in the tabloids about his murky past, he claims his sister didn’t turn her back on him and was actually apologetic.

“We have never fallen out,” he insisted, “The minute that story broke, Carole was on the phone apologising to me on behalf of the family, specifically Kate, about me being suddenly thrust into the limelight.”

In the interview Joanne Callen claimed fame had changed her god-mother.

She said: “Carole doesn’t reply to invitations and doesn’t turn up at any family events. She claims that she won’t go anywhere where Gary is but I think she is just making excuses.

“The real reason is that she is above us now. We’re not in her social circle. It’s as if we are not good enough now and she’s embarrassed by us. She is now even grander than the Queen.”