Ricci And Vicky’s Engagement Party Turns Sour In Geordie Shore

This week, the Geordie Shore housemates decide to banish the Monday blues by throwing loved-up Vicky and Ricci a mature engagement party.

Party animal Sophie claimed: “Nothing ever happens on a Monday…so we decide to throw an engagement party for Ricci and Vicky, but basically it’s just a massive excuse to get pissed.”

But Charlotte is less worried about the little things and more concerned about the imminent arrival of her new boyfriend to the mad house: “My boyfriend Scott is coming to Gary’s house, this is Gary’s turf. All I can say is they both better behave.”

At first, the night goes smoothly with the future Mrs Guarnaccio tempting fate and saying: “If this is how good mine and Ricci’s engagement party is can you imagine our wedding?”

But as the alcohol flows it seems the bride-to-be spoke too soon as Charlotte’s drunken boyfriend storms out and the house descends into chaos.

With Charlotte crying her eyes out, Vicky lashes out at Sophie after her beloved Ricci is mentioned and Ricci then angrily snaps calling Sophie a “fat s***”.

The morning after and Vicky, Ricci and Sophie are asked to leave the house with Charlotte summing up the feeling, saying: “Last night was a disaster”.

Holly describes the atmosphere, saying: “It’s not the house that it was just 24 hours ago”.

But can the house recover from what Gary claimed was “the biggest argument ever in Geordie Shore”?