Review: Justin Bieber Releases New Album ‘Believe’

It’s the moment that Beliebers all across the globe have been waiting for – Justin Bieber’s new album ‘Believe’ has finally been released and as expected, it’s already caused quite a stir amongst majority of the teenage population, as well as a few mixed reviews along the way.

Since Bieber’s last album release ‘My World 2.0’ and the release of the almighty ‘Never Say Never’ film last year, the 18 year old has been through a fair few highs and lows – including a false paternity claim with crazy Mariah Yeater and releasing his feelings to the world about current girlfriend and ‘love of his life’ Selena Gomez – Bieber definitely has a lot to share with the world and ‘Believe’ definitely does that!

Although the teen heart-throb may just be 18 years old – he’s been desperate to create a more ‘mature’ sound and wanted to attract a slightly more varied audience with the latest LP. However, has ‘Believe’ created the reaction that Justin was hoping for?

Latest single ‘Boyfriend’ definitely highlighted the fact that Bieber had grown up (even if it is just a little!) and his new and improved sound led to comparisons to the likes of Justin Timberlake and the falcetto sounds on the track are pretty impressive, even if you’re not a fan of the singer!

The album also includes a fair amount of collaborations, some of which were kept under-wraps until recently as the star wanted to ‘surprise’ his ever-growing army of Beliebers once the tracks were released. Collaborations include the likes of A-listers Ludacris, Drake and country singer Taylor Swift. Some of the tracks definitely have a slightly more ‘clubby vibe’, which is to be expected as the superstar is now 18 and experiencing the ‘party scene’ more regularly (ahem!)

‘All Around The World’ and ‘As Long As You Love Me’ definitely have more of a dance-floor beat, with the star hinting that ‘As Long As You Love Me’ was in fact his fave track on the album and has led many to believe that it’s written about girlfriend Selena Gomez. Awww!

Fellow Canadian Drake features on the track ‘Right Here’ – while hip-hop favourite Nicki Minaj features on ‘Beauty and a Beat’. Both are pretty impressive and create more of an R&B vibe, especially when you compare his new sound to previous tracks such as the pop-driven ‘Baby’.

And for all you die-hard Beliebers that want to hear some stereotypical Bieber tracks on there – you won’t be disappointed as title track ‘Believe’ and the ballad ‘Be Alright’ definitely portray more of a Bieber-esque sound.

You can probably guess what ‘Believe’ is all about – with Justin singing yet again about how you need to follow your dreams and how you have to ‘Believe’ in life, mixed in with a massive chorus of gospel singers to top it off – a definite fan favourite in the making!

All in all, Bieber may not have created a totally new sound for himself – but, his fans are sure to love each and every track on there. He sure knows how to win those fans of his over, that’s for sure.

Job well done, Biebs…