REVIEW: Geordie Shore Heartbreak For Ricci As Vicky Calls Time On Their Engagement

The Geordie Shore crew were still in Barcelona at the start of this week’s episode, preparing to spend their last morning in the Spanish city. With the girls still reeling from the shock of Charlotte’s confession of love for Gary, there was an atmosphere in the house as soon as everyone managed to climb out of bed.

Charlotte, despite being heartbroken, claimed that she felt like a weight had been lifted off her shoulders. When they arrived back in Newcastle, James suggested a day in Bootcamp to perk everyone up. Whilst the boys were buzzing at the idea, the girls started the journey in the car with miserable faces, and a…Burger King. When they arrived at the camp, they were met by ‘Bald Rambo and Skinny Rocky’, who immediately began screaming at the girls to bring the ‘pain train’.

The girls were not impressed, and Charlotte and Holly packed it in after less than an hour. Meanwhile, Gary chatted with Scott and James and admitted that he was knocked for six by Charlotte’s declaration of love, but had also been taken aback by Vicky’s independence since Ricci left the house – saying that she had seemed more relaxed; more chilled out, and had even been getting changed in front of the girls.

Back in the house after Bootcamp, Vicky decided to call Ricci and asked him to come and see her at the house. Unfortunately, as soon as she put the phone down she ended up in floods of tears – unable to make her mind up about whether the couple still had a future or not. When the couple met up for dinner, it was bad news for Ricci. Vicky stuck to her guns and told Ricci that she has been feeling suffocated, depressed and miserable. And that this time, she needed to stay apart from him.

Despite the fact that Ricci said he would change, she dug her heels in and told him it was over. But, she left carrying a Kurt Geiger bag of new shoes, so it wasn’t all bad news!

After dinner, Vicky and Charlotte headed out to the pet shop to buy Charlotte another fish to take her mind off Gary, and so Toast arrived at the house – a fishy new goldfish friend for Scramble and Egg. Meanwhile, Scott and Holly are asked to work, and in the spirit of being “just good friends” Scott set Holly up with one of the stag boys. Making quick work of it, Holly pulled him at the end of the night before telling Scott that the lad was a good kisser, but not as good as him.

In the meantime, at the other end of Newcastle the Geordie girls went for dinner together. Whilst Vicky revelled in her new found independence, Holly expressed concern that she had left her jilted lover Ricci with false hope of them getting back together. The next morning, the house woke up and the boys took another opportunity to rib Dan about his romance with older woman, Lindsay. Dan brushed it off as jealousy, and the rest of the housemates met up in the girls’ bedroom and decided to plan a house party. Not just any house party; a fancy dress house party.

The crew headed out for a day of getting ready. James opted for a trip to the salon for the usual SBC hairstyle (Short, Back and Combover), whilst Gaz and Scott headed for a full body massage. How very manly. That night, Sophie’s boyfriend Joel was invited to the house, to DJ the party.

It was a drama filled episode for the cast last night (WENN)

Charlotte emerged in a Gene Simmons outfit, Vicky styled herself as Cat woman, Holly owned it as a slutty Pirate, and James dressed up as Rocky. Finally, Sophie walked in, styling herself in a sexy schoolgirl outfit, and shortly dropped to her knees and began performing oral sex on Joel as he deejayed! As the night went on, the drinks flowed, more and more girls turned up, and Charlotte, who was feeling insecure from the very beginning in her Gene Simmons costume, got more and more jealous.

Pretty soon, the boy: girl ratio started to make her angry, and as she stared at Gary chatting to the girls, her jealousy turned to blind rage. A second later, Charlotte suddenly ran up the stairs of the Geordie Shore house in hot pursuit of Gary and a random girl, screaming like a banshee. The Geordie boys and girls were quick to follow, and started trying to pull her away – pushing and shoving each other ‘like there was a sale in Primark’ (nice one, Vicky). All the while, Charlotte was screaming at Gary, screaming and crying and screaming some more. She had gotten so angry that she was not even thinking straight and the furniture in the room took a battering in the usual ‘psycho Charlotte’ fashion.

As a result, Gaz marched back down the stairs and kicked the front door in, storming out of the party in a rage and disappearing in to the night. Trying to smooth things over, the girls took Charlotte in to the bedroom and attempted to talk sense, but she had a twisted ankle and couldn’t stop herself crying about the fact that Gary wanted to go to bed with other girls just days after she had confessed her feelings.

Meanwhile, like the good friends that they always are, Scott tried to pull as many of the girls that were left at the party as possible, while Dan took his cougar to bed again and lover boy James (aka Rocky) ‘went 12 rounds’ with Wonder Woman Kate in his bedroom. Ding, Ding!