REVIEW: Doctor Who 50th Anniversary – The Day Of The Doctor

After months and weeks of waiting, The Day Of The Doctor finally arrived and boy was it worth waiting for! Already safe in the knowledge that we would be seeing the return of David Tennant and Billie Piper, the drama kicked off with Matt Smith donning his bow tie and making a not so secret landing in the middle of Trafalgar Square having been called to the National Gallery.

Of course the Doctor wasn’t alone having been accompanied by Clara Oswald – played by Jenna Louise Coleman. As the duo made their way into the gallery, the Doctor was handed a letter from Queen Elizabeth I from 1562 England and was shown a painting that made him have a flash back and cryptically say: “He was there. The Other me. The One I don’t talk about.”

As the Doctor went through the flash back, it became apparent that he had seen and was referring to the lost Doctor – played by John Hurt – who was fought in the Time War which saw a war between Doctor Who and the Daleks on the planet of Gallifrey.

The three Doctors came together in the Tardis (BBC Pictures)

And so the story began when Hurt’s Doctor uttered the words: “Today you leave me no choice. Today this war will end.”

Having seen the return of Matt’s Doctor and the introduction of Hurt’s Time Lord, we were also re-introduced to Rose Tyler played by Billie Piper. But she wasn’t the Rose that we all knew and loved when she battled evil alongside Christopher Eccleston’s Doctor.

Instead she was ‘Bad Wolf’ Rose and she appeared to have all the answers for Hurt’s Doctor who was left contemplating fighting once more in the Time War.

Tonight saw the return of Matt as the current Doctor (BBC Pictures)

With Hurt and Smith’s introduction in the special episode done, it was time for us to meet David Tennant’s Doctor who found himself in 1562 England and in love with Elizabeth I – played by Joanna Page. However it wasn’t a simple love story as Tennant’s Doctor soon accused her of being a shapeshifting Zygon. His suspicions soon played out as he was faced by two identical women claiming that they were Queen Elizabeth I. But before he could work out who was telling the truth, in came Smith’s Doctor through a vortex after coming face to face with a very familiar image in the National Gallery.

Cue hilarious exchanges between Smith’s Doctor and Tenannt’s Doctor before the drama got back on track and welcomed Hurt’s Doctor into the mix. So with the three Doctor’s reunited, it was time to deal with the task in hand to battle against the Zygons and the future of Gallifrey.

As the drama went on and we were brought back to modern day. The three Doctor’s were shown trying to save London from destruction after Kate Stewart – who led the Doctor into to National Gallery to look at the images from Gallifrey – threatened to blow London up after coming face to face with a Zygon that took her looks and identity. The decision to blow up London came as a result of Kate seeing no other option of getting rid of the pesky Zygons.

We also saw the return of David Tennant (BBC Pictures)

Having avoided one catastrophe when they managed to stop a timer going off with seconds to spare, the Doctors also found a way of stopping another on Gallifrey by saving the residents of the planet by freezing it and allowing the Daleks to inadvertently kill each other over the residents of the planet which was home to the Time Lord.

As the Doctors made it back to modern day and the drama looked like it was coming to an end, a blast from the past hit our screens in the form of Tom Baker who reassured Smith’s Doctor that Gallifrey was still out there.

And with that Matt took his place amongst his Time Lord predecessors looking up at Gallifrey.

Best Moment: The interaction between Matt and David! These two need their own show!

Verdict: What a way to celebrate 50 years of such an amazing show!