REVIEW: Cheryl Cole’s ‘Call My Name’

‘Call My Name’, the first song from Cheryl Cole’s new album, received it’s world premiere this morning (April 20) and it’s rather underwhelming.

Oh sure, it’s catchy enough, and it’ll be played everywhere. It’s just eminently forgettable.

Basically, the track, produced by Calvin Harris, is just another slightly rave-y David Guetta copycat to drop in the ocean of slightly rave-y David Guetta copycats. A bit of a drop there, the same old floor-to-the-floor beat here, a big synth-y chorus that’s meant to be anthemic but isn’t really, over-produced, bland vocals. ‘Call My Name’ is isn’t by no means terrible, it’s just very blah.

When Girls Aloud were at their Xenomania-produced best they made exciting, innovative, brash pop music. Now Cheryl is just following the heard. Musically, it’s just what every mainstream American rapper has been doing for the last three years. She’s just following BFF’s lead yet again.

And Cheryl injects absolutely no personality in to it. She was never the most interesting member of Girls Aloud – Nicola Roberts had the best voice, but she’s too ginger and pasty (despite her Diplo-produced solo album being fantastic). Neither was Cheryl the most entertaining – but Sarah Harding doesn’t look like she can be bothered to record music any more.

But Cheryl was the one that married a footballer and is now the one who’s still a successful solo artist. Maybe it’s time we admitted her voice isn’t strong enough or interesting enough to compete with Gaga and Katy Perry.

I’m a little disappointed in Calvin Harris as well. He used to make things that had a sense dumb, obvious fun to them. This sounds like something he got an intern to do while he went to party with Rihanna.

Wake me up when the album’s out.