REVIEW: Another House Party From Hell For The Geordie Shore Cast

Tonight’s Geordie Shore installment starts on a surprisingly sombre tone with Charlotte finding out her ‘favourite’ fish Egg has died. Sob! She decides to cremate him and sets about organising a funeral. The most surprising thing is that he survived this long in that house! The temperatures get hotter, literally, with Marnie’s bucket list idea as she decides she wants to walk across fire. It all ends up with a game of truth or dare and Scott and Marnie kissing, and discussing their ‘relationship’. Again.

Anna ‘the birthday spoiler’ turns up and manages to spoil Holly’s birthday by telling everyone that Vicky and Sophie aren’t coming back. She tells the house that they can have a house party for Holly’s 21st, which makes everyone happy and promptly forget that the girls have gone. Holly decides to have a 90’s theme, because she was born in the 90’s.. With that logic MENSA are missing out! The girls are all getting ready for the party, cue the boys showering in the same room together.

James decides to skip the party to see Kate, leaving Holly down to four best friends/housemates celebrating her birthday with her. The party starts with everyone getting along and having a great time, and Scott and Marnie are both keeping to a pact where they don’t kiss each others friends. Simple enough, until Marnie kisses one of Scott’s friends. His best friend Kieran to be exact. And then a few girls in the hot tub. Scott inevitably gets annoyed and goes on another rampage through the house. In other news, Holly is over her c*ck fright and is a self-confessed s**g again.

What have the cast been up to? (MTV)

Everyone wakes up suitably hungover, except for James who reappears looking refreshed, and so they decide to go for a fry-up, then down waterslides. James, Gaz and Scott are sent to work at a limo party full of 40-year-old women. Scott still ends up with his top off somehow. The night ends with everyone getting very drunk, and Scott and Marnie arguing again, over who kissed whom and who didn’t kiss anyone.

Best moment: The best moment was during the house outing to the waterslide park, as Holly and Charlotte went down the slide together in one rubber ring and ending up getting stuck. The helplessness in their faces said it all.

Random moment: There’s been a lot of random moments on Geordie Shore over the last few years, but a funeral for a goldfish called Egg is the most random of the entire show. So far.“It is sad but when I die I’ll be cremated, and then we can meet again and swim and hold hands in the ocean” Charlotte explains after scattering Egg’s ashes in the sea.

Verdict: Tonight’s episode, and most of the series so far, focused mainly on Scott and Marnie’s relationship. This flirty/banter, ‘flanter’ as they call it has been seen many times before, with Gaz and Charlotte, Holly and James, and Holly and Scott. All these scenarios ended badly, so the relationship is starting to slow the show down slightly. Next week looks to be one of the most dramatic in Geordie Shore history though, and it looks fantastic!