Revenge cancelled after four seasons, but it might not be the end

It’s a sad day for Revenge fans following news that the ABC drama has been cancelled after four seasons, with the series finale set to air on Sunday, May 10. But, wait, hold on, what’s this about a new spin-off series?

The Kingmakers is a new pilot currently in the works and comes from Revenge writer and producer Sallie Patrick. If the plot line is anything to go by, the show sounds VERY similar to the axed show.


We reckon a lot of Revenge fans will be pulling this face too right now (ABC/Danny Feld)

The show is based on a young man who takes on a new identity to infiltrate an elite group at an Ivy League School in order to investigate the mysterious death of his sister. Sounds pretty Revenge to us.

The pilot features newcomer Gus Halper, True Blood’s Kristin Bauer Van Straten, Heroes’ Adrain Pasdar, The Vampire Diaries’ Michael Trevino and The Originals’ Colin Woodell, all of whom will star in the show if the network decided to pick it up.

Revenge: Victoria Grayson

The final episode will air this weekend (ABC)

But while the show is basically the same, just with a different name and a male lead, ABC had told E! News that The Kingmakers is in no way a spinoff, and the only connection between the two series is Patrick’s involvement. So despite the fact they both have leading characters who are keeping their identity a secret in order to avenge a loved one, this is NOT a spinoff folks!


Will Emily’s revenge mission get the ending she hoped for? (ABC/Gilles Mingasson)

When Entertainment Weekly asked Revenge boss Sunil Nayar about Kingmakers, she told them: “There isn’t a whole lot that I can say to that except that Kingmakers is fabulous…It’s got the blood and passion of Revenge hardwired into what the show is, but at the moment, it is not a spinoff in that there’s no characters from this show that are, at the moment, planning on being in that show, but never say never.”

Keep those fingers crossed Revenge fans!