Reporter confronts sexiest idots who shouted ‘f*** her right in the p****’

City News reporter Shauna Hunt was covering the Sunday Toronto FC game when a couple of guys decided to humiliate her mid-broadcast.

As she spoke to two fans another fan in and said: “F*** her right in the p****”.

Shauna Hunt confronts fans


His friends, standing around, immediately began laughing around and didn’t stop when Shauna confronted them and asked, why exactly they wanted to publicly degrade and humiliate her?

Sick of the  sexism she experiences on a daily basis, the news reporter further asked them why they need to treat her like that, but all they could do was laugh and say it was “hilarious”.

Shauna Hunt confronts fans


The cameras kept rolling and caught the entire confrontation on tape, which has now gone viral.

Most people on Twitter haven’t found the guys so funny and have been sending love to Shauna for standing up to the chauvinist bullies.

The police have even got involved:

Shauna is hoping the coverage will stop fans abusing reporters in future.

We hope those guys feel shame and embarrassment about it, though we’re not sure if we should give them that much credit.