Rebecca Loos Paid Over £100k For David Beckham Affair Story

Ever since the story about David Beckham’s alleged affair with his assistant Rebecca Loos emerged, the family have tried hard to bury it but now, the story has come to light yet again with the Leveson public inquiry.

At today’s hearing (December 12), the New of the World’s chief reporter discussed how he had exposed the Beckham’s family image to be a shame and how he had paid Loos a six-figure sum.

Neville Thurlbeck was discussing the now-defunct tabloid and its ethics as part of the inquiry and revealed that Loos’ story was the most he had paid anyone for a kiss-and-tell story.

Thurlbeck insisted that the story was in the public interest as the couple had been making money from their family image. He also described the lengths that the paper had to go to to verify the stories and claimed that only one in 10 stories were printed because of the level of proof that needed to be obtained.

While Thurlbeck has not been charged with an offence, he had been arrested as part of the police investigation into phone hacking at the NOTW and was not able to testify about the subject.

“A great deal of activity went into establishing the truth of what people were telling us,” he told the inquiry in central London today,” he said. “The myth was we made it all up and that still prevails, I think.”

Thurlbeck also referred to phone calls and photographic evidence, and continued: “But we didn’t. We went to enormous lengths to satisfy our team of lawyers that what we had was factually correct and demonstrably correct.”

In 2004, the story broke that Beckham had had an affair with Loos, and discussing the reason for going to print, Thurlbeck said: “We decided there was huge public interest in that matter because the Beckhams had been using their marriage in order to endorse products.”

He also added: “It was a wholesome image that the family cultivated and the public bought into on a massive scale and we exposed that to be a sham.”

Of the money that Rebecca Loos was paid, he said: “It was the most I think I’d ever paid for a story. We’re talking about a six figure sum. Just.”