Really? Tinie Tempah Insists Brad Pitt And Angelina Jolie Are Totally ‘Normal’ After Partying With The Couple At The BAFTAs

They may be the ultimate Hollywood power couple but according to Tinie Tempah, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are in fact totally “normal” despite being the most sought after, drop dead gorgeous pairing on the planet.

But according to Tinie the ‘Mr and Mrs Smith’ stars are just like the rest of us – except with hundreds of millions in the bank, a trillion kids and looks of the gods.

The trio were spotted hanging out following last weekend’s star-studded BAFTA awards where the delicious Brad Pitt celebrated his heart breaking film ’12 Years A Slave’ scooping the biggest gong of the night for ‘Best Film’.

 Tinie Tempah talks hanging out with Bradgelina (Instagram/Tinie Tempah)

“I think any time I meet someone who’s of that level, I’m always surprised when they’re just really down to earth and normal,” the rapper insisted.

“I never though Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie would be like that.”

And if you were wondering what you would talk about if ever the situation arose where you were ahnging out with Bradgelina, Tinie was on hand to explain, telling DigitalSpy: “I just commended them on being so nice.

“I spoke to her about all her kids and the responsibility of being a very fortunate person and setting a good example, which I think she’s doing adopting children from other parts of the world”.

Not content with mingling with Hollywood royalty last Sunday, the ‘Pass Out’ hitmaker bizarrely couldn’t resist giving actual royalty, prince William a high five during his performance with Laura Mvula in one of the more awkward moments of the evening.

But sadly, Wills hasn’t been in touch since, as Tinie admitted: “I’m waiting [by] my phone. I keep checking, but nothing yet.”

We’d probably move on if we were you Tinie!