Really Boys? 5 Seconds Of Summer Say They’re ‘Unlucky’ With Girls

They may have hoards of female fans willing to do just about anything to meet them, but according to the 5 Seconds Of Summer boys, none of them really have any luck with the ladies.

Whilst on Good Morning America this Tuesday, the boys were asked whether they consider themselves to be “lucky or unlucky in love,” to which Luke fired back, “definitely unlucky with all girl situations.”

It’s almost as if he’d forgotten about the thousands of marriage proposals he receives on Twitter every week. And Michael seemed to feign being a miss with the ladies too, adding “Sometimes Calum gives us a bit of love, but other than that…”

Do they really expect us to believe they can’t get dates? (FameFlynet)

But whilst we’re accusing the boys of being big fat liars on this occasion, it was nice to see Luke and Michael bonding, as it recently emerged that the pair couldn’t stand each other.

The duo went to the same school and were encouraged by their music teacher to perform together, but whilst they cooperated, the guys were secret frenemies.

“We actually hated each other for a solid year of my life,” Luke told People magazine. But luckily – thanks to a shared love of Green Day – the boys were able to put their differences aside and become one half of the successful Aussie band.