Ready For Round Two Katie Holmes? Tom Cruise Plotting To Win Back Custody Of Suri

After what has seemed a remarkably amicable split, it’s been reported that Tom Cruise is plotting to win full custody rights of his daughter Suri Cruise, who currently resides with mum Katie Holmes.

The A-list couple thrashed out a deal in an out of court settlement last month that saw Katie gain sole custody of their six-year-old while Tom was granted substantial visitation rights. Now, however some sources are suggesting that the ‘Mission Impossible’ star is gearing up for round two.

According to Showbiz Spy, Tom is trying hard to rehabilitate his public image so he can push for legal custody of Suri. By being seen spending lots of time with his little girl over the past few weeks it seems Tom is hoping he can fight to have his daughter live with him full-time.

The actor plans on taking a break from his career after his current projects come to an end so he can spend even more one-on-one time with Suri. A source says:

“He needs to prove he’s just as reliable as Katie, that spending time with his daughter as important to him as having a hit film.”

“Tom is absolutely planning on going after custody of Suri in the future. His plan is to wait for now, and then fight for it down the line.”

“Katie is working hard to get Suri on the right path: school, friends, playdates, normalcy. Then Tom comes in and changes all of that. Katie will always be the mother. She knows right from wrong. Hopefully one day Suri will recognise that.”

Whilst Katie has been trying to normalise Suri’s previously jet-setting life, Tom has been stepping things up, treating his little girl to helicopter rides and trips to Disneyworld. With claims that Katie is already furious with her ex for engaging in competitive parenting she better watch her back if these latest reports are to be believed!