Proof Selena Gomez And Justin Bieber Are Back Together? Lil Twist Posts Intimate Snap

Rumours Selena Gomez may be back with ex boyfriend Justin Bieber have increased after the couple appeared to spend the Fourth of July holiday together. The Come And Get It babe is thought to be the girl featured in a video and picture posted on Instagram by Bieber’s friends as they partied at his home.

The couple, who broke up in December 2012 after two years together, fuelled rumours there may be a reunion on the cards after Gomez wore Justin’s t-shirt on a recent trip to Disneyland. And it appears that even if they’re not officially back together, they appear to have spent the US’s biggest holiday celebration together.

Selena was first spotted in Justin’s BFF Alfredo Flores’ video of sparklers that was posted on Instagram. The star has her long wavy locks down around her face and a black hoodie pulled up, but it’s not hard to see that it’s the Spring Breakers babe.

 The 20 year-old later appeared in a snap of Lil Fizz, again a good friend of Justin’s taken later in the night as the teen stars continued the celebrations.

So are ‘Jelena’ back together? While Bieber himself, who appears to have thrown the shindig at his Calabasas mansion, didn’t post any snaps from the celebrations, he did later comment on Twitter “great night”.

Could everyone’s dream couple be back together? It was only a few weeks ago that JB was spotted kissing a waitress, Jordan Ozunza, in Las Vegas. The pair joined the rest of Bieber’s crew as they went to an indoor sky diving centre, where the couple didn’t exactly try to hide their attraction.

“In the waiting room area, she was sitting on his lap and they were kissing,” a source told E! News claiming the Boyfriend star gave her “Little pecks and kisses.”

“Right before the flight, in a second waiting room area, he laid down on her left side, and he had his head between her legs and had his cap half-covering his face,” an insider added, “She was caressing him on the head and shoulders.”

They added: “He was definitely into her, and she was into him, as I could tell.”