Prince William And Duchess Of Cambridge ‘Aren’t Normal’: Young Royals Attacked For Dodging Responsibility

Prince William has been criticised for taking on a new role as an air ambulance pilot rather than becoming a full-time royal by former royal protection officer Ken Wharfe, who dismissed the new job as a publicity stunt.

It was confirmed last week that William, after a year assessing his future as a full-time royal, was to take up a role with the East Anglian air ambulance based at Cambridge airport early next year.

Writing in the Guardian last weekend, Wharfe claimed it was time that William, his brother Harry and wife the Duchess of Cambridge, accepted that they’re not the same as normal people.

Princes William and Harry have had, as much as they can, a normal upbringing (FameFlynetUK)

The former Metropolitan police inspector, worked as the personal protection officer to Diana, Princess of Wales from 1986 – 1994, when William and Harry were growing up as royal children. He claimed this latest move was just another attempt to be seen as “normal” and merely a PR stunt, to impress the public.

He wrote: “William’s new job is the latest PR stunt from the royal advisers, coupled with the prince’s own quest to be seen to be ‘normal’.”

While the future King will be donating his £40,000 a year salary, in full to charity, Wharfe claims it’s just another example of the royals, getting their own way. He also criticised the prince for failing to take on more royal duties, in light of his aging grandparents.

The Queen and Prince Philip due the majority of royal engagments (FameFlynetUK)

It’s a criticism that isn’t unfairly levelled at the younger members of the royal family. The majority of engagements carried out are by the Queen, the Duke of Edinburgh and Prince Charles, according to data compiled from the court circular and published by The Times.

The heir to the throne, Prince Charles is 65 and would be heading to retirement this year if he was “normal,” but he’s actually carrying out over 500 engagements a year. In 2012 it was 592 and 2011 601.

The Queen at 88 and Prince Philip age 93, aren’t too far behind. Last year the monarch carried out 344 engagements in the UK and abroad, while her husband attended 184. The Duke of Edinburgh is only just slowing down though, before illness struck him in 2012, he head been hitting an average of over 300 engagements, not bad for a man a few birthdays away from 100.

In comparison, the young and fit princes Harry and William are lagging behind. While they do have full time jobs, Harry is still in the army and William was an RAF Search and Rescue pilot until September 2013, it’s a fraction of what their aging family members are doing. Last year William attended 62 engagements and Harry 52.

The younger royals at the recent Commonwealth Games in Edinburgh (FameFlynetUK)

The Duchess of Cambridge managed to get to 44, despite the fact she was pregnant, which puts the boys to shame a little. Wharfe’s argument for William going into a full-time role appears to be that while there are other candidates for the job he’ll be fulfilling, there’s only one person who can play the role of future King and that’s him.

He wrote: “Leave these specialist posts to the experts. Prince Charles, after leaving his ship, Bronington, didn’t make any overtures to become the coxswain of the Cromer lifeboat.”

“William, his wife and his brother are experts in the field of royalty, and however much they display their loom bands, they are not normal. He should listen to his grandmother, get out there, use his position and raise money for his charities in a royal way – and not rely on stunts seemingly encouraged by sycophants.”

What do you think? Should Princes William and Harry be able to have their own careers, or is it about time they stepped up and took the pressure off their elder relatives.