Prince Harry’s girlfriend Meghan Markle makes a statement as she returns to Instagram

Meghan Markle’s Instagram was once a thing of beauty, regularly updated and curated by the Suits actress but she took a conscious step back for nine WHOLE weeks (a lifetime these days) after her romance with Prince Harry was confirmed.

The Suits actress has now returned to the social media with a simple message to fans and followers that are just having a snoop – she’s not here for any negative bullshit.

The ‘could-be’ princess made a small statement with her subtle return to Instagram. That she is her own person despite being Harry’s girl.

On Sunday, Meghan shared a post of a shadow, showing off some purrrty Charlotte Olympia black cat flat pumps, while standing in front of a pavement which read: “#nobadenergy #bethechange”.

Captioning her latest post, which was sure to attract headlines from around the world, she wrote: “Sending good vibes – always in all ways.”

It’s been a while since Meghan shared anything personal on her Instagram page, with just the side of her face seen in a throwback with Larry King nine weeks ago. Her last post before signing off from the platform was a telling sign of frustration.

Using an inspirational picture, which had the sign: “In a society that profits form your self doubt, liking yourself is a rebellious act,” the 35-year-old actress captioned it: “In that case be a rebel, friends”.

Prince Harry confirmed their relationship back in November last year in a startling warning issued from his office where he basically bitch-slapped anyone being sexist or racist towards his new love.

Over Christmas Meghan was seen casually waltzing into Kensington Palace to Harry’s digs, while carrying her own supplies from Whole Foods, and they were also seen picking up their first Christmas tree together in Harry’s car.

Looks like Meghan has been finding her feet – and is now ready for action.