POLL: Who Should The Britain’s Got Talent Judges Give A Wildcard To?

POLL: Who Should The Britain's Got Talent Judges Give A Wildcard To?


This week on Britain’s Got Talent their dreams were shattered, but tonight for the unlucky losers there is one last chance at a shot at glory; a Wildcard spot which will allow the judges to bring back just one of the acts they felt deserved to make it through to the final.

The act given another shot at glory will join last night’s winners Ryan O’Shaughnessy and Aquabatique, as well as fellow finalists, including: Jonathan and Charlotte, Ashleigh and Pudsey, Sam Kelly, Kai and Natalia, The Loveable Rogues, Mollie Rainford and Nu Skool.

All four judges say that they know which act they would like to see receive a reprieve and compete in Saturday’s televised final, with David Walliams’ preference for camp dancers The Showbears a very badly guarded secret.

Yet after all the arguing is done and the tantrums have been thrown (we’re looking at you Simon), the act will have to face the public. So we want to know who you, Entertainmentwise readers would like to see given a shot at tomorrow’s final.

However there’s so many acts to choose from to help you we’ve narrowed things down to 15, so apologies to fans of Jive Aces, The Zimmers, Graham Blackledge, Area 51, Greig Stewart, Lauren Thalia, Ashley Elliot, Honey Shazad, Martyn Crofts, Callum Oakley, Fish On Percussion, Chica Latina, Brynolf and Ljung, United We Stand, Rachel Knowland, Gatis Kandis, Lucky, Four Corners, Karizma Krew and Hope Murphy.

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Who should get a Wildcard place in the Britain’s Got Talent Final?

The Showbears

Twist and Pulse Dance Company

Face Time

The Sugar Dandies


Mr Zip

Dennis Egel

Be Minor

Paige Turley

Malaki Paul

Beatrix Von BonBon

Billy George

The Mend

Strictly Wheels

Analiza Chung

This Semi-Final lark is evidently a lot more relaxing for the judges than the contestants.