POLL: Has Kerry Katona Become The Nation’s Sweetheart Again?

Kerry Katona is no stranger to reality TV shows, neither is she to trouble. So when she fell from grace after being caught taking drugs, we wondered whether or not Kerry could ever regain her role as the nation’s sweetheart.

And then Celebrity Big Brother came along…Would the show, that would film her 24/7 make her (again) or break her (again)?

Well, it looks as though the show has made her. Having impressed the British public over the past three weeks, the serial reality star became runner-up in the Celebrity Big Brother final which saw Big Fat Gypsy Wedding’s Paddy Doherty take the winners title.

Speaking to presenter Brian Dowling following her exit from the house, Kerry gushed: “I don’t know what to say. I can’t believe I’ve come second. In the whole of my celebrity career I never thought I’d get another chance at putting the wrong right and this show has helped me to do just that.  My daughter’s 10 and I want to make her proud of me.”

She added: Once you walk through those doors you put the past behind you.”

What do you think? Has Kerry become the nation’s sweetheart again, or has will it only be a matter of time before she gets in trouble again? Vote now!