Police To Reopen Michael Barrymore Death Investigation

Police are reopening the investigation in the death of a man at entertainer Michael Barrymore?s house five years ago.

The family of the deceased, Stuart Lubbock were said to be delighted by the news that police were to look again at the death at a party Barrymore hosted.

Family legal representative Tony Bennett tells the News Of The World, ?Stuart’s father Terry is delighted.  He has always been deeply concerned about the first police investigation and how it was stated as a fact at the inquest that Stuart was found in the pool.

Essex Police now agree there are grave doubts as to whether this was the case and are pursuing ten specific and promising lines of inquiry.”

The family believes they have uncovered new evidence which indicates the original investigation into Stuart?s death was insufficient.

Stuart?s father Terry says, ?I have waited nearly six years to find out what happened to my son. Now, at last, I do believe they have made a breakthrough.”