Police Hunt Drug Dealer Who Cleared Whitney Houston’s Hotel Room Of Cocaine After Her Death

Police Hunt Drug Dealer Who Cleared Whitney Houston's Hotel Room Of Cocaine After Her Death

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The drug dealer that gave Whitney Houston the cocaine that contributed to her death, allegedly cleared all traces of the drug from her hotel room in the moments after she died.

According to the Coroner’s Office report that was released earlier this week, the 48 year-old singer took the drug “immediately prior to her collapse” with TMZ claiming that the drug dealer then spent several minutes clearing the room of any evidence.

Police are reportedly investigating the allegations and those close to the singer have told the authorities that whoever supplied her with the drug is responsible for her murder.

“The news Whitney was on cocaine is tough to swallow for her family,” a source told The Mirror, “they thought she was clean of illegal drugs so this has reopened the whole thing. Someone gave her these drugs and someone is to blame.”

Bedding and belongings were reportedly taken from the room moments after her death but before the Police arrived at the Los Angeles hotel room where her body was found. Police will investigate the claims of evidence tampering.

The ‘I Will Always Love You’ singer was found unconscious in the bathtub of her hotel room on the afternoon of the 11th February. After attempts were made to revive the singer she was eventually pronounced dead at the scene by emergency services.

The official cause of death has been ruled as accidental drowning, with heart disease and cocaine use as contributory factors. A toxicology report revealed that cocaine was in her system at the time of death.

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