Plea To Selena Gomez Perhaps? Justin Bieber Gets ‘Forgive’ Tattooed On His Stomach While On Board Private Jet

We’re not sure what’s going on with these young stars and their tattoos these days. First Miley Cyrus gets a bizarre sad kitty inked on her inside lip which is still making us squirm today, but now Justin Bieber’s gone and got himself another while on board his private jet!

Yup, the Beebs just couldn’t hold out for his latest design until he was on the ground like us simpletons and just had to have his favourite tattooist Bang Bang, real name Keith McCurdy join him on board to make a real spectacle out of it.

According to TMZ the troubled singer was heading home to Canada while getting his latest tat, the word ‘Forgive’ scrawled across his stomach.

Spilling all the beans on the airbourne sketching, the tat artist told the site it wasn’t exactly the easiest job- permanently inking a megastar on a bumpy flight, explaining: “(It was) the most difficult tattoo I’ve ever done for sure,” adding that turbulence made it a lot trickier than his normal work.

While Justin’s yet to share his latest body art with the rest of us we’re just wondering if this could be the singer’s latest hint that he really has rekindled his romance with pop princess Selena Gomez after getting snapped looking pretty cosy at a private dance studio earlier this month?

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