Pitch Perfect 2 drops a new trailer: Fat Amy takes on Miley

Who run the world? GIR- Well actually it’s the Barden Bellas, at least in the new trailer for Pitch Perfect 2 they do. Yes, the lovable misfits are back, and this latest teaser is just as epic as the first aca-amazing glimpse at the sequel.

The new offering sees the a capella group, which features the likes of Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson and Brittany Snow, suspended from competition after Fat Amy (Wilson) suffers the mother of all wardrobe malfunctions on-stage. In other words, she flashes her lady parts in front of President Barack Obama during a rendition of Miley Cyrus’ Wrecking Ball. As you do.

And whilst the resulting scene is hilarious, it also looked pretty painful, which is why Wilson revealed that it took her five weeks of training with a Cirque Du Soleil performer in order to nail all the aerial stunts.

Pitch Perfect 2 trailer released

The Barden Bellas are back and better than ever (Pitch Perfect/Facebook)

Following Fat Amy’s little display, the ladies manage to convince the hot shots of the a capella world to give them another chance, but only if they manage to win a global competition. Sounds easy right? Well, relatively easy. Except it means taking on the ridiculously talented, flashy, and downright bitchy German team who have more than a few tricks up their sleeve. But let’s not underestimate the Barden Bellas, who prove that they’re back and better than ever with an amazing rendition of Beyonce’s Run the World (Girls).

As for what else to expect, Elizabeth Banks, who also stars in the film revealed that the film will see the girls face their toughest challenge to date. Banks, who produced the first film and is directing the sequel, told Just Jared, “Because the people loved the first film so much, I definitely feel a lot of responsibility to the fans, to my fellow actors, and I mean, shouldering it every day. But it’s going great. [The Bellas] have gotten too big for their britches, possibly, literally. And they’ve sort of forgotten about the music a little bit.”

The all-round talent told Entertainment Weekly last November: “My first movie is this huge studio movie that a lot of people care about that also happens to be a musical with massive dance numbers. I don’t know what I was thinking.”

While she’s the first to admit that the first movie’s box office success was “pretty modest”, Banks recognises too that there are much “higher stakes” this time around – mainly because the predecessor “engendered a lot of love… That’s what we could not have foreseen.”

Pitch Perfect 2 hits cinemas on May 15. In the meantime, you can check out the latest trailer below.