Pippa Middleton Lands New Role As Tennis Writer For Vanity Fair Magazine

Her party book may not have had quite the success she’d hoped for, but that won’t deter Pippa Middleton from being a writer, as she embarks on a new writing position for Vanity Fair Magazine.

The 29-year-old has managed to secure a role as a contributing editor for the American monthly, and her first feature isn’t too far out of her comfort zone as she writes about her own personal guide to Wimbledon.

“I first went to Wimbledon when I was eight years old and already a very keen tennis player,” she writes in the new column. “During this first trip I acted on my childish tennis dreams and bought myself a postcard of the women’s championship trophy, on which I wrote, ‘I will win this one day,’ with my signature below.”

As well as her touching account of failed Wimbledon dreams, Pippa also includes a number of players to look out for that are ‘easy one the eye’ and also references the provocative Athena tennis poster, which shows a woman walking towards a tennis net showing her bare bottom under a tennis dress. Very naughty Pippa.

The sister of Kate Middleton, also reveals the first time she went to the tennis tournament with her now royal sister. “Queuing from 5am on ‘People’s Sunday’ in 2004 with my sister for three hours and getting £35 tickets on Centre Court; my first time ever,” she reminisces.

“Seats were a free-for-all, and I recall almost tripping over myself trying to get as close as possible to my birthday-twin British hero Tim Henman.”

Pippa’s column also features a brief Q&A with tennis legend Roger Federer, with questions as deep as what he had for breakfast.