PHOTOS: Robert Pattinson’s Attempt To Go Incognito At Airport Fails

We all look a bit rough after a lengthy flight but, unlike the rest of us, Robert Pattinson has a tonne of paparazzi in his face when he leaves the airport!

The actor looked as though he desperately wanted to avoid any attention as he made his way through LAX airport in a black hoodie, black cap, black trousers, black trainers and, you guessed it, black shades.

The actor has been busy promoting his latest movie The Rover this month, which sees him play simple-minded criminal Rey who gets left for dead by his brother in a post-apocalyptic Australia and then goes on a journey of revenge with Eric (Guy Pearce), a man also wronged by Rey’s sibling.

The role sees Pattinson star in another movie that is as far from reality as possible, something that the 28-year-old said he opts for in a film.

“I think lots of people want to do stuff that’s relatable, and I want to do stuff that’s unrelatable,” Pattinson told the Huffington Post.

“I don’t think I have particularly normal emotional reactions to things. So trying to play someone who is just a normal guy … I don’t really know how to do it.”

And it seems Pattinson’s inability to play a normal guy is actually a little reflective of his own life after it was revealed that he still doesn’t have a home in LA, and when he isn’t staying at the luxury Chateau Marmont, he stays at ex-girlfriend Kristen Stewart’s house when she’s away. Not very normal at all.

Rob doesn’t have his own place in LA. When he’s in town, he sometimes stays at the Chateau Marmont and very often at Kristen’s when she’s out of town,”a source told

“This gives him the chance to hang out with Bear and Bernie,” they added.

But despite spending time at K-Stew’s it seems the pair have no plans to get back together as Rob recently told Entertainment Tonight that he is single and even went as far as to describe his bachelor status as “exciting”. Bit cheeky, Rob. Not too exciting we hope!