PHOTOS: Jennifer Lawrence Gets Some Help Fending Off The Paps

She’s got a legion of loyal fans following her performance in smash hit ‘The Hunger Games’ but one such admirer was more keen than most to help out the gorgeous Jennifer Lawrence today.

The actress was busy filling up her car at an LA petrol station earlier today (August 14) when she found herself surrounded by nosy paps. Now Jen is probably used to all the attention, ever since she exploded onto the big screen in ‘The Hunger Games’ earlier this year she’s been followed day and night. But one bystander today decided enough was enough!

A man at the gas station took it upon himself to help out Jennifer, by providing a personal escort to and from her car. As she was filling up her car, Jen’s new bodyguard even gave a very rude gesture to the paps!

The actress, who looked like she had just finished a work out, seemed a bit bemused by the man’s actions, doing her best to ignore him. She let out a grimace when the stranger raised his middle finger before giggling as she drove away.

Must be nice to have such protective fans Jen!