PHOTOS: Hollywood’s Finest Topless Moments

Kate Middleton is understandably a tad peeved today after French Closer magazine published pictures of her topless in a private moment.

Sneakily taken pictures of the future Queen of England going alfresco in a private moment is in the opinion of everyone except the odd French magazine editor disgraceful, but as the world is talking about breasts today we thought we’d give you an opportunity to see them in a more artistic context.

For the female form has long been an artistic device favoured by Hollywood directors and some of tinseltown’s top leading ladies.

Just to even things out a bit, and prove that it’s not just the girls who are prepared to strip off, here’s Shia LaBeouf getting naked for a Sigur Ros video:

There, that’s evened things out a little…. now whether it be Kate Winslet’s famous art class aboard the ‘Titanic’, or Denise Richards and Neve Campbell’s sassy swimming pool snog in ‘Wild Things’, there’s a load of film’s sexiest moments involve a bit of forgetfulness when it comes to taking a trip to the wardrobe.

From Angelina Jolie to Katie Holmes, many of Hollywood’s biggest names have gone naked, so while Kate should be outraged due to the invasion of her privacy, hopefully she knows that at least where film is concerned, she’s in very good company.

PHOTOS: Hollywood stars go topless in the name of art

Kate Winslet in ‘Titanic’ (Photo:WENN)