PHOTO: ‘Man Of Steel’ Poster Revealed At Comic Con 2012

Warner Bros and DC Comics have whipped Superman fans up into a frenzy after releasing footage AND a brand-new poster for ‘Man of Steel’ at Comic Con 2012.

And, despite the fact that many fans of the caped hero were unsure about the revamped Superman film, it seems as if the new look hero was a hit with everyone at Comic Con 2012.

One fan explained to The Hollywood Reporter that the trailer (and poster!) had helped them set aside any doubts about ‘Man Of Steel’:

“Any doubt I had was gone with that trailer.”

Another fan was “reduced to tears of joy”.

The new film, starring Amy Adams and Henry Cavill, is set to make Superman more “edgy” – in a similar manner to how the new Batman movies completely transformed the caped crusader into the ‘Dark Knight’.

Digital Spy has quoted ‘Man Of Steel’ director Zack Snyder explaining how he approached the Superman series as if it had never been made before:

“It’s about making him work and making him cool… We had to act as if no film has been made. When we approached it, we had to say, ‘This is Superman for the first time'”

The ‘Man of Steel’ trailer is rumoured to be shown ahead of ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ when it hits cinemas later this week…

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