PHOTO: Is Chris Brown’s Neck Tattoo Of Rihanna’s Face?

Did the star have his ex’s face etched onto him?

Rihanna has just unveiled her biggest tattoo yet, an image of Isis inked across her chest, and now it looks as though Chris Brown could have paid tribute to RiRi with a picture of her on his neck!

The former couple are both huge fans of getting inked, but we were surprised to see TMZ’s comparison of Rihanna’s face and Chris Brown’s neck tattoo – the resemblance is striking to say the least.

Source close to the ‘Yeah 3x’ singer have told the website the picture is not of Rihanna but some “random woman”.

If the face was that of Rihanna’s, it would be the latest of signals that the pair are becoming closer ever since their violent break up in 2009.

Chris Brown and ‘that’ neck tattoo – what do you think? (Wenn)

Since Brown was convicted of assaulting the Bajan beauty, the pair have kept their distance from each other but rumours have constantly circulated that the couple are in contact.

Rihanna told Oprah in a recent interview that she did indeed love Chris, and reaffirmed this by kissing him on the lips after accepting a recent award at the MTV Video Music Awards.