Pharrell Williams & Anna Wintour Are to Blame For North West’s Name

According to Kim Kardashian, Pharrell Williams is the one who pushed the couple towards naming their daughter North. After he hearing rumors from the media that they were intending to give their first born the quirky moniker, The ‘Happy’ singer approached Kim and Kanye to give his thoughts on the name, telling them he thought the it was incredibly cool sounding. Kim commented on how it went down:

”It was a rumour in the press and we’d never really considered it seriously, at all. But Kanye and I were over there at that table having lunch about a year ago and Pharrell came over to us and said, ‘Oh my God, are you guys really going to call your daughter North? That is the best name.'”

The couple were further encouraged by Vogue US editor Anna Wintour, who had the very same opinion as Pharrell and told them they should go for it:

“Then a little while later (U.S. Vogue editor) Anna Wintour came over and asked the same thing. She told us: ‘North is a genius name.’ Kanye and I looked at one another and just laughed. I guess at that point it sort of stuck.”

And now Pharrell and Anna are having the last laugh? Could definitely see them high-fiving in secret over this one.