Peter Capaldi ‘In A State Of Madness’ After Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Cameo

Doctor Who boss Steven Moffat has joked that Peter Capaldi is in “a state of post-regeneration madness” after appearing in the show’s 50th anniversary special, The Day Of The Doctor.

Capaldi won’t make his official debut as the next incarnation of the Time Lord until the Christmas Special, but his eyes were momentarily seen on-screen during last night’s much-discussed episode.

Speaking to Blogtor Who, Moffat said: “We’ve only seen the tiniest moment. It’s just the beginning of a process really.

“Of course, he’s brilliant. And just seeing the energy and vitality that he brings to his performance, he works – he’s like Matt – he works, he’s a worker. And he’s an extraordinary vital performer. The man is not at all elderly in style, he leaps around the place probably more than any other Doctor in that first scene.”

He added: “But that’s not how he’s gonna play it, he’s in a state of post-regeneration madness. It’s something we’re still working on.”

Moffat also described the process of bringing back Billie Piper for the anniversary, despite not wanting to interfere with how Russell T Davies ended her storyline when she originally bowed out.

“I thought the story of Rose, which was beautiful, was done,” he said. “I didn’t want to add to it, I didn’t feel qualified to add to it. That was always Russell’s [T Davies] story.

“The way Russell ended it in The End of Time was perfect. I didn’t want to stick another bit in. It would be wrong.

“But we did want Billie Piper, one of the absolute heroes of Doctor Who, back in the show without interfering in the story of Rose Tyler. I think I might of spoiled something if I had done that.  Billie represents the rival of Doctor Who, more than anyone else.

“It’s all about Billie, it’s her show for two years. It’s really startling watching The Runaway Bride and you’re going, ‘Where is she? Where is she? Where is the star of the show?'”