Peter Capaldi And Jenna Louise Coleman Hug It Out As They Film Scenes For Doctor Who

Following on from the big reveal of Doctor Who’s new costume, Peter Capaldi has been spotted filming scenes for the hit sci-fi show with companion, Jenna Louise Coleman who plays the role of Clara.

Whilst scenes for the 50th anniversary special episode were filmed in London last year, the drama returned to Wales to begin filming of the new series, with scenes being played out on Cardiff’s Queen Street.

Filming took place in Cardiff today (Wales News Service / Splash News)

Dressed in his new Doctor Who attire, Peter could be seen acting out scenes with Jenna with many shots showing the actor trying to resist a hug from Jenna whilst in character.

Despite Doctor Who’s inability to return the hug to Clara, Peter and Jenna looked more than happy in each other’s company, sharing jokes and laughing in between takes.

But it wasn’t just the cast that made a return as the iconic Tardis also made an appearance.

Meanwhile, as Peter gets to work as the 12th Doctor, executive producer, Steven Moffat admitted that he felt like he was doing something wrong when he began writing Matt Smith’s regeneration scene for the Christmas episode, The Time Of The Doctor.

Speaking to the Mirror, ahead of the Matt’s final episode as the iconic Time Lord last year, Moffat admitted:

“Regeneration scenes are the toughest but most exciting part of Doctor Who – you don’t really know the show until you’ve written one. Previously, I’d only written Matt’s end of David’s regeneration – this is the first time I’ve actually killed off a Doctor.”

He added: “It feels like a very wrong thing to do to your childhood, not to mention one of your friends!”

Despite feeling emotional over Matt’s exit, Moffat revealed that Peter’s transition to becoming the next Doctor has begun. He said:

“Peter’s only just done his first readthrough, and now the real work on his Doctor has begun.