Pete Waterman Claims He Influenced Rihanna, Says ‘Hit Factory Really Started Dubstep’

Pete Waterman has said that the style of music he made famous with the likes of Steps and Kylie Minogue has died out because people are too violent to have fun these days.

Yesterday saw the announcement of a huge 25 year anniversary show for PWL, the label that brought us the likes of Bananrama and Dead or Alive, and Pete spoke to the Daily Star today about his feelings on modern music.

“The records in the charts this week won’t bring a smile to your face. That’s why all the clubs are closing down,” says Pete.

Adding: “Now everybody wants to get p*ssed and violent when they go out. What we did with bands like Steps is have a laugh. I think we’ve lost that.”

Speaking about the Hit Factory and Stock, Aitken and Waterman’s influence on pop music in 2012, Pete claims: “I can listen to records by Rihanna and I can hear all our songs in there, I hear the influence, our quirkiness.”

“You know the Hit Factory really started drum and bass, and dubstep, we were doing those sounds years ago. Now Sub Focus and Chase & Status all come here to make their record.”

Meanwhile, Pete says that the PWL show will be the last time he does anything with the artists he made famous in the 1980’s and 90’s.

“This will never happen again. It’s a one-off getting Princess, Bananarama, Jason Donovan and all the old stars back for one big celebration.

“We were all about fun and youth but when you get to 65 the old knees go and you ain’t jacking any more, so this is the last time.”

It was confirmed earlier today that S Club 7 are the latest pop act to reform for a series of live shows.