11 People Who Got Very Public Revenge On Their Cheating Exes

Unfortunately, a lot of us will have gone through the nasty ordeal of being cheated on at some point in our lives, but probably only a small percentage actually embark on a mission of revenge. The following people aren’t in that minority though as they got pretty creative and chose the most humiliating – and very public – ways of getting back at their former partners.

Maybe they’ve taken inspiration from some of our favourite films though? Did you see Cameron Diaz’s latest rom-com The Other Woman recently? It must be the ultimate nightmare for a cheater to have the three women he has been sleeping with ganging up to exact revenge on him. Oh and don’t get us started on the film The Women!

Cameron Diaz, Leslie Mann and Kate Upton were all The Other Women (Twentieth Century Fox)

For some unfortunate souls (they deserved it), these fictional tales came true when their partners found out they were having affairs and went full on Amanda Clarke (those who watch Revenge will get the reference):

1. The gym note

When a guy found out his girlfriend had been having an affair with her personal trainer for SIX YEARS, he decided everyone at her gym had a right to know about it, so printed the following flyer detailing the cheat’s sexual escapades, and left them everywhere:


2. The penis attack

It’s the stuff of nightmares but it became a reality for this cheating husband in China, whose wife CUT OFF HIS PENIS TWICE after discovering an email he sent to his lover on her own phone. How did she cut it off twice you ask? Well, she dismembered the love rat while he was sleeping just after she found out, then cut it off again at the hospital moments after it had been, ahem, reattached.


3. The break-up letter

Kudos to this lady for creativity! After learning her boyfriend had been playing away, the scorned former girlfriend decided to not only write a breakup letter, but give her ex somewhat of a treasure hunt to obtain his belongings, some of which were left at his lover’s house, which may or may not have been damaged.


4. Naked revenge

If you’re going to commit the shameful act of cheating, at least have the decency to not be caught in the act. When one lady found her own sister cheating with her husband in a car, she thought they deserved to be left stranded in public with no transport – and no clothes! Amazing!


And the revenge acts that speak for themselves:

5. The neighbourhood watch

6. About your neighbour..

7. This f**ked up lost notice

8. Radiohead revenge

9. Brutally honest for sale sign

10. Billboard of shame

11. ‘Honk if you think I’m a p****’