Peaches Geldof Denies ‘Pumping And Dumping’ After Lily Allen Breastfeeding Tweet

Peaches Geldof has explained herself to Lily Cooper (nee Allen) after a semi-awkward Twitter exchange about her use of a breast pump.

Lily, who is working on her third album, replied to Peaches when she thanked a company for a new pump.

She wrote: “Thanks @Medela_UK my new Swing pump has arrived this morning and is an absolute life saver.  #breastfeeding #breastisbest”

Lily responded: “pumping n dumping eh ?”

Peaches explained that she was actually using the device in order to increase her milk supply, as her child is a “big feeder”.

She said: “Ive been pumping to increase my milk supply.Not “pumping and dumping”.My son is a big feeder so I pump in between feeds too.”

Another mother defended breast pumping, saying: “I breast feed full time and work part time, need the pump to keep supply + milk there for baby

“Also many women have problems with supply and use pump to increase it. Of all the things to criticise”.

Lily welcomed her first child Ethel Mary on November 25, 2011. Her second child, Marnie Rose, was born in January of this year. Peaches also has two children – sons Astala Dylan Willow, born in 2012, and Phaedra Bloom Forever, born in April.

The great breast debate continues…