Paul Weller: Boozy Drinking Session Was Responsible For Hit Record ‘That’s Entertainment’

Paul Weller has revealed that his hit ‘That’s Entertainment’ was the result of a boozy drinking session, and written in ten minutes flat. The rocker revealed all ahead of his set at the Hard Rock Calling festival on Saturday. 

the singer-songwriter, famed for appearing in The Jam, revealed that their iconic hit ‘That’s Entertainment’ was written while he was ‘under the influence’.

Speaking to Absolute Radio he said:  “I wrote in 10 mins flat, whilst under the influence, I’d had a few but some songs just write themselves. It was easy to write, I drew on everything around me”.

the record went on to become the punk/mod groups most known and acclaimed songs later making it into the Rolling Stone Top 500 Hits Of All Time list in 2004. However Paul claims the track was easy to write as he continued: “It was one of those songs that needed to be written, every now and then they write themselves.”

The 55-year old rocker also gave credit to the music artists he feels are leading the way today, as he revealed: “Miles Kane -I really like his stuff and he’s a great performer. I also like Toy Soldiers – Arthur Gun is really good. And Palma Violets, also Vampire Weekend”.

Whilst  lots of bands cite him as an influence and ask him for advice, when asked what advice he would give to his younger self he replied: “I wouldn’t offer advice to anyone else or myself for that matter, I would just say you are doing the right thing AND that mistakes are part of the journey”.

Recalling on his gig at Hammersmith Apollo the star revealed that Cyclist, Bradley Wiggins was struck by stage fright when asked to join the legendary rocker on stage, as he revealed: “He’s a good lad but Bradley was bricking it”.

Bradley bought great Britian to victory when winning the Tour De France in 2012.